AudioVitality® Treatments

AudioVitality sound treatments have been used
to treat a wide variety of conditions…


Millions of people suffer from tinnitus, commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears”. While the causes of tinnitus are not completely understood by modern medicine, the symptoms may arise from physical problems, chemical intoxication or deep seated psychological issues. Clients who have been treated for tinnitus by AudioVitality therapy have reported marked improvements in their hearing and long lasting diminution of tinnitus related symptoms.

Stress & Psychological Disorders

Stress and various psychological disorders are largely the result of prolonged toxic or abusive social interactions and/or unrealised personal expectations. In conjunction with a trained therapist, AudioVitality sound treatment can be an effective and non-toxic method to achieve liberation from mental stress and emotional suffering.

Performance Enhancement

AudioVitality sound treatments are not only for those individuals who have health related issues. Athletes, students and professional business people have used AudioVitality to significantly increase physical performance, focus and concentration and overall well being. The AudioVitality sound library contains dozens of specific programs for physical and mental performance enhancement.


The human body is constantly regenerating itself but as we get older, this process slows down and the information necessary for proper biological construction becomes disordered. AudioVitality sound treatment programs contain resonant information that penetrates into every cell of the human body where the resonant qualities of the vibration can have a positive effect on the body’s natural regenerative processes.

Physical & Emotional Trauma

Physical trauma is experienced in accidents, violence and following surgical procedures. Emotional trauma is experienced in abusive relationships, aggression and under difficult personal circumstances. AudioVitality sound treatments have been successfully applied under therapeutic settings to alleviate the negative and painful effects of physical and emotional trauma.

Disorder in Body Balance

Fatigue, digestive problems, skin conditions, insomnia and difficult mobility are all indicators of complex imbalances in the human body. AudioVitality sound treatment programs are designed to reinforce the body’s natural cyclic processes, called circadian rhythms, that can result in overall improved vitality and health.

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