The AudioVitality® System

Sound Tools for Sound Healing

The power of sound has been harnessed as a therapeutic method since antiquity. Spanning millennia and encompassing all human cultures, references can be found in ancient sculptures, scrolls, paintings and books that illustrate mankind’s eternal fascination with the mysterious, fascinating and powerful manifestation of physical and etherial energy we call sound.

AudioVitality is a modern and accredited therapeutic approach that builds upon ventures of traditional techniques related to the use of sound for the benefit of human health and well-being.

The tools

Triphonic Sound System

At the heart of AudioVitality is the unique Triphonic Sound System. Using multiple speakers that are focused towards the client, the Triphonic Sound System generates a dynamic three dimensional sound field that projects sound energy deep into the human body where the mechanical action of the sound stimulates macroscopic and microscopic structures including muscles, organs, cells and biological molecules.

AudioVitality® Software

All AudioVitality® sounds are generated in real-time by the AudioVitality® software application. It generates signals that stimulate biological systems and processes through the sound interactions with sympathetic body resonances. Specific programs in the AudioVitality® sound library can stimulate respiration, circulation, immune system response, digestion, muscular coordination and neural network functions. The software can be adjusted to emit sounds that are personalised for every unique individual.

AudioVitality® HumanaScan

The Bioscope HumanaScan is a professional spectral analysis diagnostic system that is used to evaluate the effects of the AudioVitality sound treatment on the client. The HumanaScan mesures the global electrical flux generated by the human body. The physical action of the sound treatment induces movement in body tissues which in turn modify the global electrical state of the body. The HumanaScan is used to precisely determine problem areas in the body.

AudioVitality® Systems

The AudioVitality System consists of a triphonic sound installation,
the AudioVitality software application and the HumanaScan spectral analysis evaluation system.

AudioVitality is available in three models:

AudioVitality® Therapy System

Intended for professional therapists, the AudioVitality Therapy System consists of all necessary software and hardware components that can be installed in a personal practice, health center or institution.

AudioVitality® Wellness System

The AudioVitality Wellness System is a professional system that is designed for spas, wellness centres, hotels and sport clubs.

AudioVitality® Home System

The AudioVitality Home System is a fully featured and easy to use sound treatment system for home and personal use.

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