An AudioVitality® Session

How it works

A typical AudioVitality sound treatment session consists of two parts. Once the client is installed comfortably on a treatment table, a series of six sounds are generated. Each sound corresponds to specific resonances of the human body.

During this first part of the treatment session, the changes of the body’s electrical field are measured and analysed by the HumanaScan. Based on the results of the scan and the perceived sensations experienced by the client, the therapist will select an appropriate sound treatment program from the AudioVitality library.

During the second part of the session, the client is instructed to relax, breathe deeply and pay attention to the various sensations felt in the body and the mind.

The effects of the AudioVitality sound programs may induce physical sensations such as tingling, movement and warmth. As sound has a perceived quality, the individual may also experience images, dream like sequences and emotions.

AudioVitality sound treatments have been used to treat a wide variety of conditions…


Stress & Psychological Disorders

Performance Enhancement


Physical & Emotional Trauma

Disorder in Body Balance

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