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Sound Healing

AudioVitality sound treatments have been successfully used across a large range of physical and psychological imbalances and problematic conditions. Sound treatment is not only for individuals having various health concerns, it has also been shown to be effective in improving vitality, physical and intellectual performance and overall well being in children, adolescents and adults young and old.

Our bodies are filled with complex vibrations – naturally occurring cyclic processes called circadian rhythms that include the heart beat, respiration, neural oscillations, sleep and digestive cycles and cellular division. Many more cyclic processes are implicated in our biochemistry.

Sound waves are a physical form of energy that move the molecules, by way of compression and rarefaction, of the medium in which the waves travel. When sound waves are projected into the human body, they will influence the natural vibrational resonances of macroscopic structures such as functional systems and organs. Sound waves will also influence the molecular structures of the body through the action of compression and rarefaction. This “molecular massage” will in turn result in the emission of electric fields around the body.

The HumanaScan is a validated patent pending technology that detects and analyses the electrical signals of biological systems. In a human context, the HumanaScan can detect the electrical energy of the human body. During each AudioVitality sound treatment session, HumanaScan measurements provide the therapist with important information about the body’s response which can be used to precisely treat a problematic body zone.

AudioVitality is unlike any other sound treatment method for a number of significant reasons:

Live sound waves

AudioVitality sounds are generated live and interact in a unique way with each individual client.

Light & Forms

AudioVitality sounds are based on vibrations that we find in nature – it converts and renders audible the frequencies of visible light, geometric forms and aromatic molecules.

Physical resonances

AudioVitality sounds are based on proven resonances in the human body as defined by international standards, aerospace research and medical diagnostics.The mind and the spirit play an integral role in maintaining human health, vitality and wellbeing.

3D effect

AudioVitality sounds are amplified via a specially designed triphonic audio interface providing a fully immersive experience.

Experience the benefits of an AudioVitality personal session and objectively observe the benefits on the body and mind. AudioVitality sound therapy has been designed to benefit mankind.


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