AudioVitality®  Philosophy

The Bridge between Modern and Traditional science

We believe ...

Non invasive approach

In many cases heath and well being can be attained without invasive methods or synthetic chemical substances by using natural but powerful factors known in modern science as Energy, Vibration and Resonance. These life sustaining factors are essential in maintaining the body’s capacity of regeneration and homeostasis.

Autoregulation of the body

Sound is an underestimated physical force that can be used to influence the body’s natural biological rhythms and processes. The human body is made up of complex systems: Respiratory System; Digestive System; Circulatory System; Reproductive System; and Central Nervous System. The physical properties of sound can be used to positively influence these systems leading to increased vitality and good health.

Mind and health

The human mind plays an essential role in maintaining vitality as it does in aiding the healing process. Using the analogy of an automobile driving on the road: the machine can not drive itself – it needs a driver; in the same way, the driver is inextricably connected to the machine. As sound is a perceived quality, it is directly associated with memories, emotions and experiences and is thus an indispensable quality related to human wellbeing.

The Three Pillars

We have based the AudioVitality® sound treatment system on three fundamental pillars:


The AudioVitality System generates organised physical energy that interacts with the human body…

These carefully engineered sound signals are based upon the latest modern understanding in the fields of physics, electronic, chemistry and biology.


Sound is a perceived quality that is intricately associated with cognitive processes…

The field of science related to human perception of sound and its influence on the body and the mind is known as psychoacoustics.

Holistic Medicine

Holistic concepts are the foundations of traditional medicine where the qualities of the body…

The mind and the spirit play an integral role in maintaining human health, vitality and wellbeing.

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