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Good vibrations: A bit of shaking can burn fat, combat diabetes and more

It sounds like a crazy way to improve your health—spend some time on a platform that vibrates at about the same frequency as the lowest string on a double bass. But recent research indicates that the procedure, known as whole-body vibration, may be helpful in illnesses from cerebral palsy to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Now, a new study of obese mice reveals that whole-body vibration provides similar metabolic benefits as walking on a treadmill, suggesting it may be useful for treating obesity and type II diabetes.

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  • Dorine Voirol
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AudioVitality® increases your sports performance

During an intense effort, the optimal use of oxygen by the body is essential.
Sound, through its mecanical action, has the effect of stimulating blood circulation in the body, promoting the supply of oxygen in the tissues without additional effort.

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