An innovative treatment for tinnitus

We are very pleased to present to you a preview of an innovative method for the treatment of tinnitus.

Developed by Vitality Universe Sàrl and based on the stimulation of the entire neural network of the body, this pleasant and non-invasive treatment incorporates the latest discoveries in neuroscience to relieve symptoms related to tinnitus.

Vitality Universe plans to launch the method in the summer of 2020, but taking into account this difficult current period, we wish to offer you a preview of this innovative treatment in the AudioVitality® development center based in Lausanne. After careful consideration, we decided to keep the treatments within the strict framework of the rules decreed by the OFSP (Federal Office of Public Health) rather than to postpone our offer to a later date. The key argument has been that many patients have reported to us a significant impact of stress on their tinnitus.

The basics of AudioVitality®

  • Non-intrusive low-frequency vibration technology
  • 15 years of development based in Switzerland
  • Measure and process to balance the circulation of bioelectricity in the body
  • Personalized for each individual
  • Recognized by the Swiss complementary medicine association ASCA and reimbursed by complementary insurance

Tinnitus - a story of neurons

The latest studies carried out on subjective tinnitus identify, thanks to MRI medical imaging, in particular, specific brain regions in which neural networks form a cluster of abnormal activity which seem to be at the origin of the famous whistling sound heard in the ear (tinnitus). * We only treat subjective tinnitus

Most of the current methods available to treat this disabling disorder use earphones and target the ears and the brain in an attempt to resolve, by stimulation of the auditory nerves (neuromodulation), the abnormal functioning of neurons in the auditory cortex that are responsible for the perception of tinnitus.

AudioVitality® goes further. Using the mechanical properties of sound to stimulate the entire neural network of the body, the treatment aims not only to durably reduce the expression of dysfunction, localized in the ear (tinnitus sound), but above all to act on the cause which, according to our observations, may come from different areas of the body along the neural network complex.

The promising results with initial patients treated for tinnitus symptoms, encourage us to extend this approach to undergo scientific validation, unique in the world, to a greater number of individuals today.

If you suffer, or know someone who suffers from disturbing tinnitus which is not of a physiological origin (objective tinnitus), with or without hearing aids and / or hearing loss, our offer to potentially and permanently improve your quality of life may interest you.

The offer in detail

The offer includes a series of 5 treatment sessions (you can however cancel after the first session and pay only for the one treatment). Our experience shows us that an improvement in symptoms can be achieved after 5 sessions, and becomes long-lasting after ten sessions.

A session lasts 50 minutes and includes

  • 1 objective assessment of your tinnitus
  • 2 sets of sounds adapted to your personal profile
  • 1 assessment of your condition after treatment with sounds

Price of the first session CHF 250.-. Price for the next 4 sessions CHF 750.-. Possibility to stop after the first session. A personalized report is provided at the end of the treatment.

For your safety and ours

Individual sessions take place in a space strictly respecting the hygienic conditions decreed by the Swiss OFSP.

  • Treatment without direct contact
  • With wearing of the protective mask required by the therapist
  • With disinfection space before entering the treatment room
  • Sterilization of the treatment space with UV sterilization lamp between each client
  • Without cash (TWINT online payment or bank transfer)
  • With proof of reimbursement for the Swiss complementary health insurance by email
Recognised by complementary health insurance companies in Switzerland.

AudioVitality® sessions are subject to reimbursement by your health fund for complementary medicines (208 audio-psycho-phonology / Tomatis method). At the end of the session, we will provide you with a receipt by email.

This program is only available at the AudioVitality® Center in Lausanne (Rue de Genève 7, 1003 Lausanne).

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