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For you and for me

AudioVitality is a low frequency sound vibration technology developed for over 15 years and recognized by the complementary health insurance companies in Switzerland since 2014. An AudioVitality method aims to measure, analyze and balance through a patented sounds the circulation of energy in the body. The treatments are calibrated to the uniqueness of each person. They are pleasant, relaxing and not intrusive.

For therapists

The AudioVitality Therapy System is for professional therapists who wish to use a unique and powerful method to achieve deep lasting health and well-being benefits for their clients. The AudioVitality Therapy System includes a comprehensive training program that is officially recognised by the Swiss Association for Complementary Medicine (ASCA).

Latest News

Keep your Immune System intact!

Stress has negative effects on our immune system and today, more than ever, we need to stay in shape!

The AudioVitality® team in Yverdon-les-Bains has worked hard to offer you a sound treatment offer specially adapted to the context of COVID-19 to allow you to pass the course of this spring 2020 in the best possible conditions.

An innovative treatment for tinnitus

We are very pleased to present to you a preview of an innovative method for the treatment of tinnitus.

Developed by Vitality Universe Sàrl and based on the stimulation of the entire neural network of the body, this pleasant and non-invasive treatment incorporates the latest discoveries in neuroscience to relieve symptoms related to tinnitus.

AudioVitality Therapy Center – SWITZERLAND

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